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I’ve been reading Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferriss. Jen got it for me for Christmas because she’s awesome. I was reading Steven Pressfield’s entry in this giant book of advice from the giants. Here’s the quote that jumped off the page at me:

“If you want to become a billionaire, invent something that will allow people to indulge in their on Resistance. Somebody did invent it. It’s called the internet. Social Media.”

If you’re unfamiliar with Pressfield, he wrote a little book called Do The Work in which he personifies that wall we all come to when creating things. He calls it “The Resistance.” The resistance is spiteful and angry and it stands between you and the things you know you could make. It’s a dragon that must be slain before completing the journey. The Resistance wants nothing more than for you to give into those voices that tell you’re not enough, you don’t belong here, just stay in your lane. And it will present plenty of complimentary evidence of this fact.

If there was every an invention that encouraged people to stay the same, it’s social media. Trapped in our tiny echo-chambers we become flooded with confirming thoughts, posts, videos… all telling us to stay the same. Don’t step out and change things. Just sit here and keep scrolling. Social media is a megaphone for Resistance. With it, Resistance doesn’t even have to try to stop you from creating your best work. It knows that when we wrap ourselves up in that world, we’re so far from actually doing the work it takes to create something that it can take a lunch break until we wake up and decide to do something.

I will not be exiting the internet just yet. I think it’s a beautiful thing. I think social media can be a beautiful thing and I will continue to use it. (for now) But I do recognize that sometimes I’m using it to numb and to distract. I know that because it’s obvious.  I’m indulging in my own Resistance, making the dragon’s job easy.

So what’s the answer? Honestly, it’s simple. Pour yourself deep into ‘a work’ and stay there. Work is the ultimate anti-Resistance force.  With it, all the tools of Resistance no longer matter. Work is what quiets the dragon.

When faced with Resistance — work.

Here’s a couple more directives to take with you for the new year:

-Don’t stay in your lane.

-You’re enough. Now go make something.

-Let go of what’s happened. Being present makes a way for what’s next.

-You belong, now act like it.

-Always Change.

This year is going to be epic. I can feel it and I bet you can too. Run with that. Believe that. Make good things.


P.S. Happy New Year, my friends. I’ve missed you. Let’s talk more this year, ok? 🙂


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You can start over.

You can switch it up.

You can ditch the rules you’ve written and rewrite the whole damn book.

You don’t have to be stuck where you are. You don’t have to settle for a business or job or process that is not brining you the same joy it used to. Resilience in a creative field is not all about persistence or sticking to one course. It’s about sticking to the RIGHT course and redefining what that means for you based on your goals.

Maybe somewhere along the way you got off track. Maybe somewhere along the way you changed directions based on what everyone else was doing. Maybe someone told you couldn’t.

Screw all of that.

You can start over  right now, today. And here’s the cool part: You are so much further than someone starting with nothing. You have something. You probably have lots of somethings. So you can start over but it’s not starting from the beginning. It’s starting with knowledge and experience that only comes from years of growth and change.

If you’re in a season of life right now where it seems like everything you’re working on is not sticking and you’re not getting the right traction, you’re not stuck. You can start over.

Make great things my friends.




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Yesterday I sent out an email to the Resilient Creative tribe (If you’re not a part of THAT party yet, you should be :)) and asked them to give me their own personal definition of freedom. I got so many great answers back!

How would YOU define freedom? What does freedom look like for you? 

I believe that you find “freedom” at the intersection courageous action and clear vision. And in a way, those two things work to prop each other up. When you have a clear vision, you take courageous action. And when you feel brave enough to take courageous action, your vision gets a little bit clearer. So freedom comes to those who can define where it is they want to go and take courageous steps to get there.

Maybe your freedom looks like never having to worry about money or to never feel limited. Or maybe you want to be able to travel when you want. Or maybe it’s being able to wake up every day and go for a hike with your family! Whatever it is, know that if you define the vision you can then start to figure out what courageous actions need to be taken in order to make it real.

So, what does freedom mean to YOU? My guess is you already know. So how do you get there?

Make Great Things,


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It’s easy to get lost in the land of stuff and things. It’s easy to get lost in the land of busyness and starting. As entrepreneurs we love starting things. We see holes in the market often and we think of ideas that fill them. That’s what we do. But what we really want is some sort of theme overarching our ventures. To pursue things that align with our values, our hearts, our reasons for making the stuff we make. So here’s a quick test for you to run your ideas and ventures by the next time you are flooded with adrenaline about a new one. I want you to ask yourself:

What would I scream from the mountain tops even if no one could hear me?

What is it that you believe so hard that you would stand and fight for even if no one joined in and said me too? Answer that question, define those beliefs. Then when that rush of the new idea comes, ask yourself:

Does this idea or venture align with, help give legs to, or provide a megaphone for the beliefs I would scream from the mountain tops? 

If the answer is HELL yes, it’s worth your time. If no, move on. What separates music from noise? Harmony. Rhythm. When things line up. That’s what makes music. If it doesn’t fit, it’s just noise.

Oh, this also works for products, conferences, opportunities, work, and (especially for photo and video folks) gear. My friend David duChemin says it best “Gear is good. Vision is better.”

Friends, life is too short to not do the things you want to scream from the mountain tops. And this is not a “follow your heart” post. It’s a productivity post. Follow what you know, that you know, you should follow. Anything else is wasting precious time and energy.

Make great things.




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How To Be UnforgettableAll good stories have an element of the unexpected. It’s what we all wait for in stories. You know when you listen to someone tell a story and it just seems “anti-climactic?” That’s because it’s missing that element of unexpected. The dragon didn’t pop out of the woods and chase them off course. The ring didn’t start to change Frodo. You didn’t find out that Tyler was an hallucinatory alter-ego. You see the unexpected makes us remember. We remember the little unexpected moments and we miss them when they’re not there. Which, ironically, means that on some level we expect the unexpected. We crave it.

I heard a story once about Bill Murray. Well, lots of stories. He’s kind of the king of unexpected stories. But one that sticks out the most is one I read from some dude who met him in an elevator. The dude gets in an elevator headed down to the lobby. The elevator stops on the next floor and Bill Murray walks in. The dude (storyteller dude), being kind of star-struck, wanted to say hello but he couldn’t find the courage. All the way down to the first floor in an elevator with Bill Murray and they were just silent.

The elevator reaches the bottom floor. They both walk out and as they part ways the guy stops him. “Hey! I’m sorry but I’m a huge fan and I just wanted to say hi.” Bill Murray looks at him, stone faced, then turns and walks away in silence. The guy was a little taken back and disappointed at the lack of response but turned and started to head in the opposite direction. When out of nowhere he hears foot steps. Like someone running. They’re getting closer and closer until he gets tackled from behind. In a daze he looks up to see Bill Murray standing over top of him.

“You will never forget this.”  He said. Then walked away.

He never will. My guess is you’ll never forget it either. Because that response, running up and tackling a stranger, that was unexpected.

Maybe tackling is not your thing but… what is your thing? What part of the story you’re telling will be unexpected? Unforgettable? We need to think about this for our life, for our work, and for our business. The unexpected is unforgettable and it is what people will remember from the stories you tell.

How can you add an element of unexpected in to your life and work to make it unforgettable? 

If you can answer that question, daily, I predict great things for you 🙂 Unexpected, unforgettable things.

Make great things.


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