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Crazy Difficult. Crazy Awesome.

Crazy difficult things that no one else is going to do. That’s what we’re trying to do. That’s what’s going to set you apart. Because the things that are easy, everyone’s already doing them. The things that are difficult are left to those who are crazy. Are you crazy enough? Am I?

I read this on Seth Godin’s blog a few days ago:

“How do we do something so difficult that others can’t imagine doing it?” is a fine question to ask today.


What are you going to do that no one else will even attempt?

Because it’s too crazy.
It’s too hard.
They don’t have time.
It can’t be done.

If we want to succeed, doing things that are just too crazy hard is a part of that path. And its a point where most people turn around.

What’s your crazy difficult? Getting dangerously close to “can’t be done” is where your awesome lives. Go ahead and take it because no one else is crazy enough to.

Happy Thursday!


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