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Creating Urgency

You know that feeling of having to do something but not knowing where to start? You’re staring at a problem and feel so overwhelmed with the mess and the potential hurtles that you just decide to put it off. The longer and longer you put it off the more stress it adds to your life until eventually you HAVE to do it by default.

Start. Do it now. The sooner you get going, the sooner you take step one, the less energy you waste on wondering what it will be like once you finally start. To be proactive in the work you have to get done today is to embrace the urgency of it. As Todd Henry says, you only have today to do today’s work. Better get to it. It’s due today!

I’ve been experimenting with creating this sense of urgency in my life. To try and have that feeling of “Get it done.” in my mind as I start the day. Every morning at 9am, I have a reminder that pops up on my phone that says: “Do it now!” I want to create urgency in myself because if I don’t, it will most definitely find a way to find me. Some days it works, other days I fail to see the benefits. Either way urgency finds a way to make me do the work. I would just rather be the one calling the shots.

Urgency is understanding the importance of getting things done now.  To reach your goals. To conquer your to-do list. Whatever it is. Now is all we have. Don’t let that feeling come at you from behind. Go after it with a club! Beat urgency at it’s own game.

Happy Wednesday!

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