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The longer you wait to make it happen the more time you leave for someone to come in and beat you to it. Say that it exists and no one else can have it. Say that it exists first and it’s the only one that ever will.

Make it a thing so it can become the only thing.

Is Apple the only computer store? No. But they are the only Apple.

Is Amazon the only online shopping store? No. But they are the only Amazon.

Once you claim the “you” corner of the market, no one can come and take that from you because it’s yours. And you can become the best in the world (your world, your market) at it. If you don’t claim it, you’ll never have a corner. And if by chance someone beats you to it, they’ll be doing a half-you job at it. If they’re lucky. But, they got there first. Call dibs on your corner. Today.

Find your corner. Find out what it is you can be best in the world at and call dibs. Stand up and say “That’s mine. This is me. This is what I’m going to make.”

Dibs. It still matters.

Happy Thursday!



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