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Doing Things On Purpose

I want to challenge you to be intentional today. Wake up, drink your coffee, eat your bacon… Then do something with the intent of fueling your mind.

Watch a video on
Read a blog post from Seth Godin or someone else’s blog you read.
Listen to a podcast.
Read a book.
Write 500 words.

You might already be planning to read or write or watch a video this morning but taking the time to think, “I am here. This is what I’m doing. This is why I’m doing it.” Will put your brain in a different place. In my experience, if there’s nothing about my morning that I do on purpose, the rest of the day will be doomed to fall into the same routine of reactivity.

It’s not our fault. Our brains are smart and they are meant to follow routines. That’s why we can drive and not have to think about braking. But it is our responsibility to do something different. Routines are good and we need them but we sometimes need to break them. Shake it up! Throw your brain a curve ball and see what it does for your thinking and your creativity.

Happy Friday!

What’s something you do everyday that you could be more intentional about?

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