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Every Ship Needs A Captain

Imagine a huge ship sailing across the sea. The sea is choppy and the clouds are dark. There’s nothing in sight for miles in every direction. There’s no roadsigns out there. There’s no drawn lines or clear roadways, no way to be sure where you are except to know before hand.

Every ship needs a captain. Not someone who knows how to steer, but a captain who knows the waters. A captain who has a charted plan. Who’s in charge and knows the heading so she can make fast decisions. Our work, our art, is like a ship. It has to be built and it has to be sailed. Once it’s built, it needs a captain.

Make a plan for your day. Make a plan for you creativity and productivity. Even if it doesn’t quite happen the way you planned, having a plan will allow you to adjust course and get back on track. Being intentional always trumps being reactional. We can’t know exactly what’s going to happen. There might be storms, rough waters, sea monsters… but we can know what to do and how to stay on course, if we have a plan.


There are people on board the ship already waiting for you start the journey. But they don’t need someone to drive the boat. They need a captain. Take a look at your ship and say “Look at me. Look at me. I’m the captain now.”

Happy Monday!


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