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Get Out Of Your Own Worry.

I was listening to a podcast several weeks ago and had to pull the car over and write down a quote because it slapped me in the face.

“Get out of your own worry and your own head. The people who you care about serving, they don’t care about what lists you’re on. The just want what it is that you have to give.”
-Pamela Slim, Author of Body of Work
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I worry a lot. Not about being on any sort of list or anything but just about stuff. Stuff that really doesn’t deserve worry. But what I heard when Pamela said this was that worry doesn’t deserve my time. You know who deserves my time? My wife. My friends. My work. You! There’s not a single reason why I can’t deliver on these fronts because what I have to give is me and no amount of worry is ever going to change me for the better. No one else lives inside my worry and my head so how can I expect to serve them there?

What you have to give, what you have to make, is not going to serve who you made it to serve if you’re in your own head. Stop it. You’re awesome. Live like it.

Happy Friday, Yo!

**In extra fun news: Today, Jen Creed and I celebrate 6 years of marriage! So rad! I’m incredibly honored that she said yes and that she picks me every single day. I will always pick her. Happy anniversary, love!**

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