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I Don’t Understand Your Dream

Stop trying make people understand your dream. It will never happen… Until it’s real. I know for me personally when I share an idea I’m excited about and the person doesn’t share my excitement, I get offended. Why? Why should they be excited? I haven’t done anything yet! Remember, it’s your dream not theirs. By default, you will always care about it more than they do. They might not get it until it’s real.

This is the lesson I have learned from this: It’s insanely hard to get someone to understand something that only lives inside your head. It’s exponentially easier to get someone to understand things that exist in the real world.

Your idea is like Sasquatch. You can talk about how you “saw one one time” but it’s very, very hard to believe it if I didn’t see one one time as well. I want to believe but I also want proof. I want evidence. I want real. (P.S. Sasquatch is definitely real. We should all be on alert.)

Dreaming is important. Having ideas (and a lot of them) is important. But if we don’t do anything about it, it’s not real and nobody will ever care. Make it real, then tell everybody about it.

Happy Friday Ladies and Gents. It’s bound to be an epic weekend 🙂

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