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Ideas ≠ Money

Feed-Your-SoulMy biggest strength and biggest weakness is vision casting. I can paint a big, grand, beautiful picture of what something could become. And there are times it gets so big in my head before I’ve started that I end up getting burnt out a quarter of the way through.

Here’s the hang up, consistently: Money.

Making money with your ideas is great. Wonderful. Amazing! It’s what we do as creative entrepreneurs: We make stuff for a living. The problem, for me, comes when I make every idea about making money. How can I monetize it? And I gotta tell ya, sometimes, you shouldn’t. Not because it wouldn’t work, but more so because maybe this thing is feeding your soul and not your wallet. Maybe it fills your emotional bank account. I’m not saying that things that do that can’t also feed your real bank account (they 100% can), but I know that when money enters the equation, something changes.

Beware of making every idea about making money. Sometimes making stuff is just about making stuff. And that has value. Massive value. Don’t lose sight of that fact as you continue on this journey. Be mindful of the things that feed your soul.


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