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It Hasn’t Been Done By You… Yet

Nothing is new. It’s all been done.

Let me say real quick tho… just because one or two people in your Facebook feed are doing it, doesn’t make it an over-saturated market. We tend to gravitate towards people who think like us. People who do some of the same types of things and have similar tastes in music, food, movies, etc. It shouldn’t be a surprise when we start to see trends pop up in our tiny world that seem to be similar to things we want to do as well.

Two things:

1. It’s being done, that means there’s a market that exists and people want it.

2. “They” are not You.

I struggle with this a lot. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from being a creative professional, it’s that if I use ‘it’s been done’ as an excuse to not make something, I will freaking miss out on an experience that could have been awesome. Something new could have come to mind while I was making it thus giving me completely different results than someone else may have gotten. Because that’s how creativity works and nobody gets to use my creativity to make their art but me.

Don’t reinvent the wheel but don’t ignore your idea just because you think it kinda looks like a wheel. Don’t miss out on making stuff only you can make because you “feel” like it has been done. That’s ridiculous and it could cause you to miss out on something awesome. Don’t do it.

It may have been done. But not by you. Yet.

Happy Tuesday!


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