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Just Be Still.

It’s temping to just run, run, run, and chase your dreams. But sometimes, we are so busy running that we pass them up. We out run our own dreams in the lie of Busy is Productive. We can be busy but not be doing anything. We can be running but not going anywhere. Every once in awhile, it good to stop and look around to make sure we’re running on course, instead of on a treadmill of busyness.


It’s hard to be still but that may be exactly what we need. To slow down, to reset, to readjust our heading before we fire up on the journey again. Because even those on the most epic of journeys need rest. There’s a time to run, there’s a time to fly, but there’s is also a time for rest. Make sure you aren’t too busy to see it.

Happy Friday, yo!

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