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Negativity Zombies

So I woke up this morning and immediately went from zero to negativity on the coattails of Facebook. I don’t know what it is. It’s never anything specific but the results are always the same: When start my day with Facebook and social media it’s not a good day.

Negativity is a poison. Once you let it in, It will eat you from the inside out. And what happens when it gets out? You start spreading it to everyone around you. It’s like Negativity is the monkey that starts the zombie apocalypse. Once it bites you, you’re patient zero. Then you go around mindlessly biting all your friends turning them into negativity zombies. Just like you. The only way to stop this from all going down is to run from the monkey.

So I shifted gears. I changed my thinking this morning. I stopped, read a book, and wrote this post in my notebook. I know that reading and writing always makes me shift my thinking so I started there. Then I wrote what my morning should look like:

  1. Wake up (early)
  2. Drink coffee
  3. Eat Bacon
  4. Reflect and Think
  5. Read and/or Write

This works for me. I know because it’s worked before and it always helps me to start my day with a positive attitude and positive thinking. I heard Tim Sanders say once, “If you start your day filling your mind with junk, it’s going to be set up for consuming junk all day. Just as your body responds to a healthy breakfast as part of a healthy diet, so does your mind.”

What you do in the first 30 minutes of your day can set you up for success and give you a chance to get ahead with positive thinking. Give your brain something awesome for breakfast. Let it start working early so you can start working on your dreams. Don’t let your thoughts and your energy be drowned out by the thoughts of everyone else on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. Just for the first 30 minutes or an hour of your day, listen to you first.

I have changed my thinking today. I’m choosing not to be a negativity zombie. I took control of my thoughts as the change was happening. Now I don’t have to run around infecting my friends. I kicked the apocalyptic negativity monkey in the face.

Don’t bite your friends. Think positive.

Questions: I know Facebook is one of my Negativity triggers, Can you think of anything that throws you in to a tornado of negativity?

What would help you get out of it once it starts?

What could you do to prevent it?

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