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Ready For Creative “Accidents”

Do something different today. As we approach a busy season, we’re discussing what we can start doing differently to engage our brains and prime them for work. Good work will not always be a product of what comes naturally. Sooner or later, the work will not be as good as you want it to be and you’ll have to do something about it. This is why being intentional about your creativity is so important.

Take a different way home.
Plan a trip somewhere awesome and plan to do some work while you’re there. (Yep, work. It’s gonna be ok.)
Change the radio station in your car to something you hate for a day. (or for a few minutes ;))
Read a fiction book.
Make a plan to intentionally fuel your creativity every week and write it down.

“Creative accidents, can be experienced more frequently if we are willing to structure our lives more purposefully by implementing practices that support the creative process.”
Todd Henry

I know that if I’m not doing things on purpose to support myself creatively, I’ll experience less and less creative accidents. Creativity is not a magical infinite well that can always be drawn from. It’s a water bottle that we need to fill up before we go on a hike. Fill it up and fill up 10 more to put in your fridge for later.

Happy Friday!

Question: When do you find you experience more “Creative Accidents?” Is there something specific that works for you?

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  • Michael - New experiences always fuel my creativity. There are also many other fringe benefits with that too.ReplyCancel

    • Chris Creed - Yeah man! New perspectives from new experiences = awesome 🙂ReplyCancel

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