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Rethinking Inspiration

We say things like “I need to be inspired.” Or “I need to find some inspiration.” But I don’t think inspiration works that way. I don’t think it’s something we can force or go look for. I believe that inspiration is something that happens to you. And more so, I believe that it happens more frequently to those who are being intentional about what they allow in their brains.

Inspiration is something that we think we need when we get to a point where ideas aren’t flowing and creativity is lacking. But the truth is, when we get to that point, we have to stop and start having intentional experiences.  To be inspired more often, you need to be intentional. Because creativity is not solely about inspiration. It’s also about being intentional about what’s going into your brain. When we say something inspires us, we mean that whatever that “something” was, gave us a spark and made us see something we couldn’t see before. The cool thing is, that we get to pick the “something.”

If you have a big project or shoot coming up soon and you’re not feeling inspired, don’t look for inspiration. Start being intentional. Inspiration will show up. Ideas will show up. But not when we’re looking for them or waiting for them. Just because we can’t force ideas to show up doesn’t mean we can’t help decide how frequently they show up. We can, because we get to be the ones who decide what goes into our brains.

Start doing things on purpose.

Start courting randomness.


Happy Friday!

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