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The Curtain Is Open

The crowd waits in anticipation.

Well, we assumed so. From behind the curtain, you can’t see the crowd.

It may be a full house tonight.

But I’m not sure… We’ll see soon enough.

I was a trumpet major. I have been on the other side of a curtain more times than I can count. Before every performance there was a moment, right before the curtain opened, when you feel totally safe. Totally protected in the bubble of your friends and colleagues. Knowing that there is still time to relax, to settle in, and be free. But when the curtain opens, a whole new feeling emerges…

No more hiding.

No more practice.

The curtain is open. It’s time to perform.

When you’re making stuff, there comes a time to finally share it. In that moment, a very real fear will hit you. Something that you’ve poured your heart and soul into is about to be in front of the world. No more hiding it.

Do not stop here!! This is when the real art happens. That moment where you straddle safe and dangerous. Where there’s no more hiding behind your tools or process. This is what everyone has shown up to see. You can’t stop here.


The curtain is open. It’s time to perform.


How do you respond to this feeling?

How awesome would it feel if you totally brought the house down with what you made?

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