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The Slowness of Life

I’ve been reading The In-Between by Jeff Goins over the weekend. A book about living, embracing, and taking in the life that happens in between big events or big steps. 

Books like this always seem to find me when I need them most. Which is a cool thing that I’ve noticed since I’ve started reading a little more heavily. The books you tend to gravitate towards are the ones you need the most. It’s weird but it’s true 🙂
So a few pages in, I read this phrase: The Slowness of Life.
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The slowness of life. Life is slow. It’s slower than we want. It’s slower than we expect.

Long work days.
Waiting, waiting, waiting. For something more awesome to happen. For the big next. For the real life to start.
We rush it. We push it. We try to make it something crazy and wild and new but the truth is, as Jeff points out in his book, the real awesome defining moments happen in the slowness. The slowness of life is the best of life.

Life comes at us fast AND slow. Slow enough to see it all go by and too fast for us to realize that this is it. Don’t rush this time. Don’t miss this incredible gift of slow. Because that is exactly what it is… A gift.

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