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Think About Good Things

How often do you think about what you’re thinking about? How often do you find yourself in a negative thought process?

I think most of us end up there if we’re not careful. There’s negativity all over the news, all over your Facebook and Twitter. If you’re not careful, it will affect your thoughts, your actions, and eat you from the inside out. Our thoughts are important. They form how we treat people and ourselves; and for creative professionals, how we think is how we make a living. You literally get paid to think the way you do. So being intentional about our thinking is not only a good thing to do, it’s necessary for our work.

Positive thinking will never have a negative effect on your work. So how do we make sure our thinking stays positive? On purpose of course 🙂 By intentionally thinking about good things.

positive thinking

I love the question John Maxwell uses every day to keep his thinking in check. It’s simple:

Has my thinking been positive or negative today?

or, if you want to go ahead and make the decision ahead of time:

Will my thinking be positive or negative today?

You take what you do seriously and so do I. I know that my thinking is huge part of my process to make stuff. That means I have to guard it intentionally, every day.

Don’t forget to think about good things today. It will affect your work. The work that makes you money.

Happy Friday!


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