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This Is What Starting Looks Like.

Just a quick thought today: if you’re tired of wanting to do something, just do it.

There are so many conversations Jen and I have about our dreams, goals, and things we just want to do like travel, building things, starting things… But sometimes we get tired of wanting to do stuff, tired of talking about someday. How about we just do it? The problem with the phrase “I want to…” is that it can become more than a statement. It can become procrastination.

I realize there are constraints of time and money and blah, blah, blah. No, I think if you’re tired of wanting to do something just freaking do it. If you want to make it happen, start, and you can figure the rest out as you go. I don’t mean hopping-a-plane-to-Europe-tonight kind of starting. I mean start figuring out how to realistically make it happen. The biggest problem I think is that we spend so much time thinking about these things but never put pen to paper and figure out what it would take to actually make these things happen.

We did that this week with some things that were tugging at us and here’s what we did. I grabbed a notebook and answered these questions:

This is what starting looks like

1) What is it you want to do?
-Be specific. Dreams are vague and talk is cheap. What exactly do you want to DO?

2) Realistically, what would it take to do it?
-Figure out the money thing, the risk thing, the logistics thing, and the people thing.
(How much will this cost? What is the worst-case scenario and can we survive it? Where will we go or what will it take to get there? Who is involved or who is it for?)

3) What is the next step?
-Then the next, and the next…

4) When can we go/when will we start?
-Put it on the calendar and hold yourself to it.


Doing stuff is about getting it out of your brain. It’s easy to talk about it over, and over, and over but it will never get done if we don’t start. Dreaming is amazing. It’s vital. But getting it out of your head and into the world is when things start to happen. And by “things” I mean “awesome things.” If you’re tired of wanting to do something, just do it.

Happy Thursday!

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