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What Do You Practice?

So a few months back, I committed to practicing playing mandolin for an hour a day for a couple days a week for a 2 months. No expectations. No real destination. The sole reason was to be doing something different that required practice for me to become better. The results were as I expected. There were times I wanted to quit. I got frustrated a lot. But I got better. The practice of doing something different fed my creativity by introducing something new into my routine. And now I can bring a mandolin to jam sessions 🙂

So, What do you practice? Everyone needs something to practice. Getting better at stuff is something that’s easy to skip as we get older. We’re not in school anymore. Our parents aren’t telling us what to do (unless we ask :)). It’s just easy to keep doing what you’re good at and just camp out in good. But having something to practice gives a chance to get better. Because we’re not here to stay the same.

If you don’t have something that you practice, not your work, not what you get paid for, but something else that you can actively get better at doing, find something. Practicing something builds better thinking and will help you build better stuff.

Find something you can practice.

Happy Friday!


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  • James - I started programming lessons/practice about a month ago. I am making progress, but it really makes me feel stupid. Here’s to progress on things we’re not experts in! Thanks for being such a great encouragement, Chris!ReplyCancel

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