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You Went First

When you’re doing what you do today. When you’re knee deep in the busyness today will bring. When the work you’re doing today seems pointless and fruitless and without measure. You start to ask why?

Why is the work you’re doing important?
Why does anyone care?
Why am I doing this?

Picture this: A diving board. 20 foot ladder to the top. On the ground everyone talks about how they’re going to jump off and how amazing it will be. But when the start to climb, with every step, fear starts to convince them they’re wrong. That it will not be awesome. That there is no way you can do this. And you’ll be totally convinced that the fall will definitely kill you… until someone works up the courage and jumps first. Then it becomes real. It makes easier for the next person and the next.

It’s because we thrive when we’re teetering on the edge, when we’re on to something, when we find our wilderness. But when we’re in the thick of it, it’s easy to lose sight of why we started. Why we climbed the ladder. Just remember, you’re blazing the path. You’re making the way. People will follow you not because you know best. Not because you’re right. But because you went first.
You Went First

So when you lose sight of why, when you forget how you got here, when you think of turning back. Remember that you went first. What you’re doing matters. We need it. We know it.

Jump. We’ll be right behind you.

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