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Your Biggest Moments of 2013 Didn’t Happen On Facebook

We share a lot of our life on the internet. We post updates on twitter, interact with friends on Facebook, and share our lives on Instagram. Short messages and small images, on very small screens. Because of that, a lot of our really cool life stories end up on Facebook.

So around this time of  the year, Facebook throws this up on our profiles:

facebook biggest moments

It is really cool to go back and look at all the stuff I posted this year and I love it. But there is one thing I’m absolutely sure of: The biggest moments for me this year didn’t happen on Facebook. They happened at home hanging out with my wife. They happened at dinner with friends. They happened when I met new people and laughed with old friends. They happened at Thanksgiving with our family. It’s obvious that we know this but it so easy to forget: All those images, all those updates, are from things that happened in real life.
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So as you look at your year in review, try to remember the real moments that shaped your year. The conversations, the laughter, the celebrations… The down time, the boring times, the exciting times. Real life is awesome. 🙂

Happy Thursday!

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  • markofthecosmos - So, so true. Thank you for this much needed reminder!ReplyCancel

  • - Haha, I love this. I read the title of this post and my first thought was, “No, no they certainly did not.” It’s a basic truth, but one that is sometimes hard to keep in focus. Thanks, as usual, for keeping me mentally on target Chris!ReplyCancel

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