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A Good Decision Now, Trumps A Great Decision Later

How often do you get paralyzed by indecision? I was listening to The Tim Farriss Show on the plane to the World Domination Summit. (Can we take a moment to appreciate the epicness of that last sentence?!) And He was interviewing retired four-star General Stan McChrystal about all kinds of awesome stuff. You can listen to the interview here.

One of the things he talked about was the importance of leadership decisions and fast thinking in a war zone. Where the decisions you make can literally mean life or death. Something he said has stuck with me. He said, “A decent decision now is better than a great decision later.”

I can’t think of a more qualified figure to give advice on decision-making than someone who’s had to make tough calls during war-time. And I know I could use that war zone mentality in my life. By becoming okay with a good decision that moves the plan forward rather than waiting for a great decision. Because waiting halts all progress.

Calculated decisions, yes. Perfect decisions, no.

Perfect decisions aren’t worth waiting for because they don’t exist. Yet we are constantly waiting for them like we’re helplessly floating in the open ocean, looking for rescue. You’re not helpless. Make the decision that moves you towards your goal and adjust when faced with new problems.

What projects do you have on hold because you’re waiting for perfect solutions?

Which ideas have you yet to move on because you can decide which way is best?

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In the absence of a great decision, a good one will do. Don’t wait around for that perfect time. It’s not coming. Decide. Move. Adjust.

Happy Wednesday, folks!


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