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A Notebook Full Of Ideas

You should have a notebook full of ideas. Your brain is constantly throwing them together and most of the time we just forget them. We forget because we didn’t capture them. We didn’t capture them becasue we thought they were bad ideas.

Let me be clear: A notebook full of bad ideas is better than a notebook full of no ideas.

Sometimes a bad idea is a bad idea because it’s a bad idea. Sometimes a bad idea is bad because it’s not the right time. Sometimes an idea is bad because your not in the right space…yet. Time and space will change. That’s why it’s important to collect bad ideas.

We tend to think that ideas have worth based on their relevance or on their “goodness.” That if an idea is not good then it is not worth anything. It’s not worthy of remembering or collecting. The problem with this is that we can’t see what comes next. And becasue we can’t see what comes next, it’s important that we remember these “bad ideas” because their worth will not be defined until presented to us in the right space and time.

Bad ideas can become good ideas or may become relevant to future projects. Let’s not let them fall away. Write down your thoughts, ramblings, ideas when they come to you. This is your creativity at work. Don’t let it get away. A notebook full of bad ideas is still a notebook full of ideas.

Happy Thursday!


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