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About Chris Creed

I’m Chris Creed. I’m a creative. So are you. Thank you SO much for being here!

I like to think about things like:

Making great work, long-term.

Staying creatively fresh.

The path of the creative entrepreneur and the unique challenges we face.

About the work we do… The value of it and the need for contribution.

I promise to write about things that address these things. Because I need them addressed in my life and maybe you do too. I think it’s pretty rad that we get to design what our life looks like thanks to the work we do. So I will fight for it. Won’t you?


“But what do I do?!”
I’m a wedding and adventure photographer with my awesome wife, Jen. Jen started the company in college and graciously invited me along for the ride. I am eternally grateful for that 🙂

We go on adventures together and we document other peoples adventures. We pick this life because it allows us to design what our daily life looks like. It allows us to travel, work where we want, and meet awesome people. So I will fight for that. Because I believe it matters and it’s worth fighting for. So everything I write about and I everything I share here will be about fighting for that vision and helping other people do the same. We have a unique calling as creative entrepreneurs to be the ones who create things that change things. We are called to look for clues. To “see behind walls, draw closer, and to feel.” (to quote James Thurber and to give a shameless reference to one of my favorite movies, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.)


So go forth, adventurers. Make stuff that matters!


Oh, also, I’m working on some super fun stuff over at I’ll be sharing content all about learning to cultivate resilience in your creative ventures.

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