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Are You Running Yet?

The path isn’t clear. Well, at least not all of it. Likely though, that the opening to the path is obvious. You’ve probably walked past it on several occasions noting it’s existence but never daring to see what comes next. But you know why it’s not clear right? You know why there’s not a clearly marked trail through the wilderness. It’s because everyone (including you, until now) always walks the one that’s been beaten and worn. Everybody ignores the new path until….

Until someone like you comes along and makes the new one more clear. Someone like you comes and defines the new path and shows everyone where it leads. Someone like you brushes back those first few frail branches on the new path. Pushes through the brush and fights through the thorns.

No one can ignore it now. It’s the new way.

You know you’ve seen it. You know you have caught the faintest glimpse of what your own wilderness looks like. Can I give you some advice?


Run after it with everything you have.
Start right now.

Are you running yet?

Happy Thursday!


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