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Be Wrong.

When you stand up and say something, you open yourself up to criticism, judgement, and failure. You also open yourself up to being wrong. So I guess it’s best to just say nothing.



Be wrong.
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I’d rather be wrong and have actually stood up and said something than to have silently sit stewing in my self-righteous “rightness” (which is tempting, and I have been that guy). I’d much rather make mistakes than just sit and live my life in a magic mistake-free bubble. Being wrong is not the end. You can adjust, course correct, and move on. Yes, if you can, try to start out doing the right thing. But if the right thing is eluding you right now? Do the wrong thing. You can’t freaking steer a ship that is tied to the dock. The horizon is much, much clearer once you’re out on the water. #nauticalanalogies  #FTW

This thought process brings up two arguments in my head:

“But Chris, Wouldn’t it be better to chart the course first then get in the boat and then go?”

Yes. Yes it would. I’ll be sure to do that next time.

“Chris Creed, it is wrong to be wrong. I only want to do the things that I am 100% sure are the right things for me. Forever and always. I think that’s what you should do.”

Cool. Let me know how that goes.

Both of these things, while valid and true on some levels, are a false picture of what it actually looks like to do this thing. If you’re in the business of creating value and putting it out there for the world to love or hate, there is no right or wrong way. There is no “100% sure.” If we let these thoughts win, we will never do anything. We will never change anything. So the next time you find yourself holding back because you’re not sure if you’re right, Or when you’ve become paralytic planner guy: just freaking do it. You might be wrong. If you are, say you are and move on.

Happy Monday, my friends. You are loved 🙂


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