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Boring Is Already Taken, So Is Different

Differentiation is beat to death. I don’t mean that we shouldn’t differentiate but I do think sometimes we get too caught up on the “Different” part of the word. To be different from our competition is the goal but not for different’s sake. “Different for different sake” is just as boring as “same.”

“In almost every market, the boring slot is filled.”
– Seth Godin, The Purple Cow

Boring is already filled but so is different. Different for different’s sake is boring. You know what spot is not already filled? The You Spot. The You Spot is all you, son. See, this is where we get lost with the differentiation thing. We think we have to be different to survive in this crazy competitive field but the truth is: We have to be different because we are.
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We can rack our brains all day long on how to be different but we already are. So the only question is: how do we make us work for us? You’ll have to answer that one but let me put this bug in your ear to give you a hint: Personal Growth. Growing yourself and adding value would be a good place to start. If you’re wondering what’s going to make my art better and different? That’s it. What’s going to make my business better and different? That’s it.

Don’t worry about the boring or different spots. They’re already taken. Take the You spot because it’s all yours. Nobody else could take it even if they tried.

Happy Thursday, Folks!

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