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Bring What You Can Bring

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I woke up this morning knowing what needed to be done. Knowing the things that await me. But instead of doing those things, I sat and felt the tension between me and work. It’s a palpable tension that is fed by fear. The reason I wasn’t doing the work wasn’t because it was overwhelmingly hard. It was simply because I felt like I just couldn’t bring “it” today. I was scared that it wouldn’t be enough.

Then it hit me, like blindly bumping into a ladder that leads over a wall: “Bring what you can bring.”

Whatever “it” is, we are constantly told to bring it. But sometimes this hyped-up version of “it” is just not willing to be brought. Sometimes you just have to bring what you can bring. It doesn’t matter what you brought yesterday or the level of “it” you see other people bringing. Bring what you can bring. Yes, you probably need to step it up and yes other people may have more to bring today than you do… but none of that stuff matters. Just bring what you can bring, today.

Because the thing is… what you can bring today… is “it.”

Happy Monday, Folks!


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