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Comcast Employs Humans

Yesterday, I had to go to a Comcast Service Center. I wasn’t excited about this. I got there as soon as they opened the doors and there were already 10 people waiting to get in. So I get in line inside the tiny waiting area with no chairs with the other people who either aren’t happy with their service, need something different, or are mad about how long the wait is. In short, no one else wanted to be there either.

There was a single service rep working and I noticed, through the grumbling, that her voice was cheerful and she was smiling. She was thanking people. She was incredibly kind and incredibly helpful. With every, single, unhappy customer.

When I finally got up to the front, I said to her “You’re doing a fantastic job! It must be incredibly hard to come to work in a place that no one wants to go to.”

She smiled at me, like she had done with everyone in line before me, and said “I believe the good always outweighs the bad.”

Wow. That is an outlook we could all use today. I sure needed it yesterday. I had already decided that my dealings with Comcast that day would be a bad experience. But I forgot one thing: Comcast employs humans.

Big companies are full of small, individual humans. Just like you. And small, individual humans make mistakes. That doesn’t excuse bad customer service. Nothing will ever excuse bad customer service. It just means that when you go into one of these places or call in to talk to “Comcast,” you’re talking to a human. Humans are capable of good and humans are capable of bad. Humans have good days and bad days.

I believe the good outweighs the bad.

Thank you, Comcast Service Rep., for reminding me that you’re not Comcast. You’re not a company. You’re a human and you made people’s lives a little bit better yesterday.

Happy Wednesday!


  • comcastcares3 - Hi Chris,

    Thanks for sharing your positive experience!

    I work for Comcast. I just want to share your positive experience to the appropriate person. If you don;t mind, will you please let me know the location of the service center you visited?

    Thanks in advance,


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