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Commitment is something we forget when we start things. I think it’s because we’re always looking at what’s next instead of seeing through what we’ve started. I wrote about this not too long ago. About how we need your new dreams. But not at the cost of half-way finished ones.

Because of our tendency to start things, we sometimes quit things too soon. Seth Godin says the problem is we quit the wrong things at the wrong time. I think there are two things that can keep us from jumping ship too soon:

1. Remembering why we started.

2. Commitment.

Commitment is an important part of making stuff for a living. Being committed to your work and your goals doesn’t mean you’re restricted or stuck with only those things but it does mean that those things will be made because you’re committed to making them.

If you want to have a successful business: Commit.
If you want to write a book: Commit.
If you want to get in shape: Commit.
If you want to make better work: Commit.

Without commitment, we can quit when we want. When we can quit when we want, we’ll never finish anything.

 If you do one thing this week for you, your business and your work: Commit.

Happy Tuesday!



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