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Critics Can Smell Smoke


You know when you’ve been around a campfire and your jacket smells like smoke for weeks? It’s annoying but you also kind of like it? Either way, you probably will want to wash that jacket to get the smoke smell out right? Because what might be a great reminder of an awesome night around a campfire to you, might be an annoying offensive smell to someone on the train next to you in the mornings. Yes, fires leave clues.

Now let’s talk about metaphorical fires. The kind that shake up industries and change the world.

Rule #1 of fire-starting: Expect Criticism.

If you start a fire, expect critics. If you don’t want critics, just keep doing nothing. Critics can smell smoke but they’ll never actually go looking for the source of the fire. They’ll just be the ones to let you know that you stink. They could care less about the actual fire so long as it doesn’t burn them. How do they keep that from being burned? They try to put it out when they start to smell smoke.

The signs of a fire are unmistakable. If you start one, you won’t be able to hide for long. Just like a rebel on the run through the wilderness, starting a fire will give up your location immediately. The smoke will rise high above the tree line and the smell will travel quickly through the pines. They will soon be hot on your trail….

Let them come.

Happy Wednesday!


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