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Children don’t have the constraints of the real world burned into their brains. They haven’t had enough time on this planet to be jaded by the “real world” either. They look at things with wonderment and imagination: Everything is new so anything must be possible. I want more of that in my life. To be able to look at things with wild-eyed wonderment. To let sudden sparks of curiosity carry me away to endless possibilities and dreams. The constraints of the real world don’t matter to a child. As adults we can’t ignore the constraints, but we can choose to imagine what it might be like without them.

What could we make if we looked at things with the wonder of a child? With the curiosity of the un-jaded and non-cynical?

Stay fiercely curious about the world we live in. Let the spark of curiosity and creativity run wild and carry you into the wilderness.


Happy Thursday!

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