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Do you want to live a big life?

What do you think it takes to live a big life? Is it made in big grandiose experiences? Or smaller seemingly insignificant ones?

If you want to life a big life, if you wan to change the world, it happens in small displays of kindness, generosity, intentionality, and appreciation. That might sound hippy-dippy to you, but it’s just true.

Still think it’s impossible to change the world? I don’t like that word “impossible.” It sounds too much like impose. As in “to force (something unwelcome or unfamiliar) to be accepted or put in place.” Yeah. I’m not down with that.

It doesn’t take much. It doesn’t even have to impact a ton of people. It might just be one person in fact. If you could have an impact on one person a day until the day you die that’s roughly 20,000 people. If they in-turn do the same, that multiplies to 400,000,000 people. What’s more is that we all have the ability to make something that could impact so much more.
live a big life

Small, seemingly insignificant displays of awesome are what build a big life. Show someone your awesome today. It doesn’t take much to live a really big life.

Happy Tuesday!


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