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Don’t Jump To The Same Damn Ship.

We are a bored generation. It may have something to do with playing too much Mortal Combat and having the internet in our pockets… or microwaves. Yeah my money is on microwaves.

No I think the real issue is that we’re looking for something bigger than us.

A cause.

To fight for.

To champion.

Because of this constant struggle we think that change is the answer. So we change jobs, projects, or neighborhoods. But that underlying sense of wanting “more” is always there.

So we jump ship to a new ship…. but it’s the same damn ship. Just rebuilt.

I heard our friends Jenn and Dave touch on this in a talk they gave about a year ago. They spoke about making sure you don’t build up your identity around what you do. Instead find an underlying “Why” that way you’re not jumping from ship to ship.

If you can connect a why (A belief about who you are and why you’re here on this planet) with your current job or situation or project, then it will open your eyes to so many opportunities or insights you were missing. Just run everything through ‘Why’ and you’ll be more fulfilled because you know you’re doing work that matters.

If we’re going to make great work, eventually we’ll have to finish something. That requires staying interested for more than 5 minutes.
Don’t jump to the same damn ship. Stick through the storm. Find your why. Create something that matters.


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