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Experience Something Awesome

I have never been to the San Diego Zoo. This is something I plan to remedy in the very near future. But my wife, Jen, has.

Jen was born just outside of San Diego and lived there the first few years of her life.  She was probably three or four and was walking around soaking up the scenes of the day at one of the best zoos in the world. Walking past giraffes and penguins and lions… then Jen approaches the lions cage. The lion looks at her and her at him. Jen then decides she is done and starts to walk away. The lion follows here every move. Then with a growl and a crash, the lion attacks the cage in an apparent effort to eat tiny three-year-old Jen.

This story is awesome for two reasons: One it’s crazy. Two it’s an experience that has stuck with Jen and her family for her whole life!

“Hey! Remember that time Jen survived a lion attack?!?!”

I want to run after those experiences. I want to chase down stories that I will tell my children and their children about. I want to experience something awesome.

If you want to have stories to tell, if you want to life an interesting story, than you have to go out and experience some thing awesome and you have to do it every chance you get.

Go get attacked by a lion and live to tell about it.

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