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From The Mountain Tops

It’s easy to get lost in the land of stuff and things. It’s easy to get lost in the land of busyness and starting. As entrepreneurs we love starting things. We see holes in the market often and we think of ideas that fill them. That’s what we do. But what we really want is some sort of theme overarching our ventures. To pursue things that align with our values, our hearts, our reasons for making the stuff we make. So here’s a quick test for you to run your ideas and ventures by the next time you are flooded with adrenaline about a new one. I want you to ask yourself:

What would I scream from the mountain tops even if no one could hear me?

What is it that you believe so hard that you would stand and fight for even if no one joined in and said me too? Answer that question, define those beliefs. Then when that rush of the new idea comes, ask yourself:

Does this idea or venture align with, help give legs to, or provide a megaphone for the beliefs I would scream from the mountain tops? 

If the answer is HELL yes, it’s worth your time. If no, move on. What separates music from noise? Harmony. Rhythm. When things line up. That’s what makes music. If it doesn’t fit, it’s just noise.

Oh, this also works for products, conferences, opportunities, work, and (especially for photo and video folks) gear. My friend David duChemin says it best “Gear is good. Vision is better.”

Friends, life is too short to not do the things you want to scream from the mountain tops. And this is not a “follow your heart” post. It’s a productivity post. Follow what you know, that you know, you should follow. Anything else is wasting precious time and energy.

Make great things.




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