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Get Mad.

I know everybody woke up this morning not knowing what to do with themselves since the Olympics officially ended last night. No more Ice Dancing, photo finish races, or Bob Costas, or Bob Costas’ Eye’s. #Terminator. But have no fear my friends, I have one more Olympic story to share with you.

Adelina Sotnikova was Russia’s sweetheart. The golden girl who won her first National Championship at age 12. (12!!) But as the Olympics approached another star arose. Fifteen-year-old Julia Lipnitskaia stole the show with her precision and fearlessness. After a perfect performance that helped Russia win gold in the team event, Russia had a new sweetheart and¬†Sotnikova was dubbed by members of the media as “the second Russian.”

“Maybe it was all for the best,” Sotnikova said. “It became an advantage for me because it made me so mad and want to win a gold medal.”

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She was mad. So mad, that she decided to do something about it. In a moment were she felt more alone than ever. Like she had been betrayed, she showed up. She got mad, and she won a gold medal for Russia. Nobody was rooting for her. Nobody was betting on her. She had to get mad enough to decide for herself that she was going to win.¬† Afterwards, commentator and Olympic gold medalist Tara Lipinski commented, saying: “She was mad. Ask any skater what the best way to skate is and they will tell you: To skate mad.”

Remember this: If you feel like your tired of your situation or feel like you’re stuck or like the world is rooting against you. Get mad. Get mad enough that you ignore the haters and just pass them as you soar by. Get mad enough that it doesn’t matter what everybody else is doing. You’re going to win. You’re going to find a way to make YOUR success happen.

Don’t let the words of someone else fill up your story. It all you. Get mad and write it yourself.

Happy Monday!

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