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How To Attract More Awesome People To Your Brand

How To Attract More Awesome People To Your Brand“I may not have been very good at mathematics at school but I did learn enough to know that catering strictly to the average anything, means that to varying degrees, everyone else on either side of the scale is being seriously compromised.”

-Richard Branson, The Virgin Way

When companies fail it can mostly be linked back to, at some level, a perceived need to cater to the average. Note that when I say fail, I don’t mean closing their doors forever. I mean becoming irrelevant. Which is the beginning of the slow decline to the inevitable. When you start to look at how you can please everyone, it’s the beginning of the end.

Much better to cater strictly to the awesome. The ones who are crazy in love with your brand. The ones who show up in droves to buy whatever it is you make. No matter what. Cater to those raving fans.

I wrote an article a couple years ago about a brewery in Hawaii that does this. The owner said in the interview: “Basically, the people that we listen to are the people who walk through the door.” 

That’s it. Listen to the ones who are saying yes. Listen to the ones who are all in and make stuff for them.

In reflection to Sir Richard Branson’s thoughts, you may be ignoring the ones who aren’t quite there yet but that’s ok. At least you’re no catering the average. Making stuff for the Strictly Awesome will actually have a magnetic effect for those on the outside of that. This will give them a chance to catch up. And they either will or they won’t.

So don’t get scared. Don’t get caught up in pleasing everyone. You will never be able to do that. Instead, find your awesome people, cater to them, make stuff for them, and you’ll attract more just like them.

Happy Monday, my friends.


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