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Yes to Business Cards, No To Ego.

When Jen and I first moved to Nashville we were met with kind-hearted, open people. People. Not business owners. Not Photographers. People. These people we were meeting happened to own businesses and happened to be photographers and the events happened to be photography meetings. But they talked to us about us, and us about them. It set up relationships instead of networks and friendships instead of empty connections. It also taught us how to interact with people in our industry and I am very grateful for that.

All that to say this:

Don’t bring what you do to a networking event. Bring you.
Yes, bring your business card. No, don’t bring your ego.
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That’s how to network: Build relationships, make friends, leave your ego at home. The truth is: nobody woke up this morning needing your business card. But somebody woke up this morning and needed help. Someone woke up this morning needing someone to ask about them and how they’re doing.

Do that.

Happy Tuesday!


Do you have an example of someone who let you in their circle when you were new?
What kind of effect did that have on your success?
What kind of effect did that your creativity?

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