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I like to dream stuff up. It happens so frequently that it’s hard to keep up sometimes. Just ask Jen Creed 😉 It’s not only that I dream stuff up, it’s that I go from having a dream, to living the dream in about 20 seconds. I don’t give it time to grow. It’s 0-60. The danger of this, is killing your dream before it even starts.

When you think up a crazy idea, one of those “This might not work…. But what if it did?” kind of ideas, you have to give it some time to grow. Here are some ideas on giving an awesome idea a fighting chance.

Talk To The Right People About It.

In the beginning, only talk to people who you know are going to encourage not challenge. (There’s a time for challenge, but not yet.) Having the right conversations with a few good friends about your idea can help to slow you down while giving you a fresh perspective at the same time. This is important because these are the people who can stop your 0-60 mindset. In contrast, talking to the wrong people can kill you baby idea faster than you can. So pay attention to the way people talk about certain things around you. They may be good friends and mean well but we want to grow slowly, not stop altogether. Guard that idea around those people.

Think Wildly Unrealistic, And Wildly Attainable

If you just have to, go to the extreme of how awesome it would be if THIS happened. Take it to the wildly unrealistic. Then bring it back to the wildly attainable. What it look like if only this happened? Don’t start there, go just beyond that and start there. Somewhere almost to wildly unrealistic  is where I want to end up, so why would I try to start there? Don’t set yourself up for failure or mediocrity. Slow growth is the only growth. But always be thinking: How Far Can I Go?

Start. (This is what starting looks like)

I mean start figuring out how to realistically make it happen.  Don’t spend too much time planning and talking about. Just freaking do it. Make a simple plan, talk some awesome people about it, think how far can I go? Then go there.

Giving legs to a dream is scary because you want to do it right, right? You want to make sure that everything is perfectly in place so it can have a fighting chance. But I think the greatest assassins of great ideas are: Perfection, Fear, and Over-Complication.


Don’t be afraid to start because you’re afraid to fail.

Don’t be afraid to start because it’s not perfect.

Don’t be afraid to start because it’s not as big and awesome and epic as it could be.

Don’t go from having a dream to living the dream in a matter of seconds. Give it time to grow. Give yourself time to grow. You’ll thank you for it later when you’re winning. 🙂

Happy Friday, folks!

Have you ever gone from having a dream to living the dream too fast in your mind? Did anything ever come of it?

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