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Ideas Are Cake.

Ideas-Are-CakeIt’s been 4 months since I’ve signed into my blog. I actually had to go and look to see what my last post was about before starting to write this one. And I debated whether or not to be this real and open with this post, but I feel like you might have noticed that I haven’t written in awhile. Plus this blog was once an unapologetic place for me to be real. To share my ideas and things that I’ve struggled with as a creative and an entrepreneur. So here I am. Posting after a four month absence.

I get excited about ideas. Like really excited. So excited that I map it out to the end in my head before I begin. So I can see what it could be, how awesome it could be. Then I start and get hung up somewhere along the way when stuff starts to get hard. Over and over again I do this.

It’s kind of like baking a cake. I get exited, because cake, so I look up the perfect recipe and buy a mixer and buy all the ingredients and start mixing them up all the while imagining what it’s going to be like to eat this amazing 17-layer cake Imma bout to cook! Then the mixer beaters gets clogged and the batter gets thick and there’s flour everywhere and I say screw the cake I’m just going to eat this batter and call it a day.

Ideas are like that for me. It’s something I’m working through… No. Actually it’s not. Screw that. It’s something I am overcoming. Because the truth is I’m not a chef but that doesn’t mean I can’t bake a freaking cake. Talent is over-rated. You have what it takes to do stuff. Doing stuff is not something you’re born with. Talking about stuff is. But actually doing something about it and seeing it through to the end is a learned skill. That’s what I’m about right now. Overcoming my very human aversion to worthiness.

My wife said these words to me this morning (because she’s brilliant):

“Make something you’re excited about. Even if nobody shows up.”

Yes. Even if no one shows up. Make stuff.

Ideas are cake. Follow through is everything.

I’m writing these next few words selfishly for me and for you. Both of us. Because I need to hear it.: 

Push past sticking points. Notice what they are and learn when they’re going to hit. Notice how you feel when you hit walls in your creative process.

Talk to people about the struggles so they can tell you that you’re awesome and that you can do this. Oh, and on that note, find people who feed positivity and awesomeness into your life and say the hard goodbye to those who don’t.

Don’t let fear light your path. Because fear will always lead you away from discomfort.

Your ideas are worth more than just words. Make them real and finish them.

Know that you are loved, my friend.

Happy. Wednesday.


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