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The Income You Don’t See On Your Tax Returns


Good morning! I’m sitting in the sunlight this morning drinking bulletproof Bongo Java coffee in my kitchen. I love this. This is the kind of morning that fuels my soul. These are the kinds of mornings that nobody sees but that will be inspiration for our work throughout the year. It’s these little things that make us keep going. I see it as income.

It’s the kind of income you won’t find in your bank account. You don’t see it on your tax returns. Things like travel, spending time with friends, finding inspiring places, and small, seemingly insignificant mornings where the sunlight and your coffee cup warms your hands as you write a blog post.  There’s no way to measure it except that you know when it’s there and when it’s not.

What are sources of invisible income for you? What can you do to raise that bottom line this year? It’s important to know what these things are so we can pay attention. Success happens through definition.

Happy freakin’ Monday, guys! 🙂


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