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It’s Been Done. Do it anyway.

It’s been done…

a.k.a. excuse #5678 why you aren’t going to do anything about your ideas. Why you shouldn’t write what you’re going to write, or take that image your going to take, or start that business you’re going to start. It’s NOT a lie. It’s a cop-out.

You’re right. It has been done.  Do it anyway.

I listened to a sweet young lady talk about contribution yesterday on Chris Brogan’s Owner’s Mind Podcast. Her name is Cara Lumen, she’s 81 years old. When asked about what she would tell people to write about, she had this to say:

“Write what calls to you. Write about what you need to know.”

Chris then talked to her about how something she wrote was very similar to something Ralph Waldo Emerson written and Chris had written something similar as well. He asked, “Nothing is new. Does that mean you and I shouldn’t tell people again?”

Cara: “No, because they don’t remember… But you know what’s even better… They may not be in the right cycle for it. Our lives are all in cycles.”


I’m going to take this a step further and make it about making: Make what calls to you. Make what you need to make right now. Yes it’s likely been done before. Do it again because you need it and it needs to be made by you. If you need it, chances are good that somebody else needs it too. By not making it, you’re cheating yourself and the world out of something that needs to be made. Make what you need because we all need it too.

“It’s been done” is just an excuse. A lame one. Make it anyway and make it good.

Happy Friday, Yo!


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