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Keep. Loving. People.

Sometimes when I’m watching something on tv or listening to a podcast or song, I start to run on auto pilot. You know, just coasting along, kinda paying attention, kinda on twitter, kinda playing Flappy Bird. Then something will come along and shock me out of this information overload. Something will make my ears perk up. Then I get a feeling like this is something I need to hear. I don’t why this happens but when it does, I know it must be important.

Two nights ago, we’re watching Jimmy Fallon’s first Tonight Show and Will Smith was his first guest. I imagined Will Smith would have something awesome to say but somehow I got distracted during his set and remained distracted until he said these words, “Keep, loving people.” My ears perked up as if I was about to miss something that was going to be on the test.

“Keep, loving people. The thing is, with your art, Let your art be a gift to people… When you see people fail in this business it’s because they’re in it for their ego and they start doing it for them… But you’re trying to help people.”
-Will Smith
Will Smtih, Tonight show, Jimmy Fallon

Simple. We all know this. But with all the distraction, with the highlight reel that is Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, we forget that just behind our lcd screens there is something important: people. People who are real and need help just like you. Let your art be a gift to people, not a podium for you to talk about how awesome you are. Just keep loving people. Let your art be a gift.

A brilliant reminder from the Fresh Prince.

Happy Wednesday!

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  • Kyle Bickham - Great post! I think it’s really easy to forget that the gifts we’ve been given are intended to make a contribution.ReplyCancel

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