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It’s Not About Money… Yet.

Whenever I think up a new project, my mind goes down a rabbit hole of awesome. I think about who could use it, what problems it solves, how big the idea could get, and eventually how much does it cost. It always comes around to the money thing eventually. As It should right? Because it’s necessary that a business make money. The problem I think is that I often come to the money thing too soon in the creative process. That needs to change.

But instead of telling myself “It’s not about money.” I’ve started internalizing, “It’s not about money… Yet.”

What’s more important: The fact that the wheel exists? Or how much we pay for it today? Obviously, that it exists. It’s more important that your idea become as real as possible before we start to worry too much about the money thing. People need a reason to buy it but they need an “it” before they are willing to pay. Ideas are about change. Not about how much people will pay for the change.

Don’t misread this. I want your ideas to make money and mine to as well. I believe more artists need to break away from the starving artist mentality and understand that their work has value and that people should pay for it and that is ok. What I’m not ok with is “the money thing” getting into my brain and screwing with my creativity. Especially when an idea is new.

So the next time your tempted to think about how much money your idea could make too early in the process, remember:

It’s not about money…


Happy Thursday, yo!


Do you see thinking about money early on in the planning stages as a distraction in the creative process for you?
How are you changing that thinking?

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