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Mountains exist.

We’re in Colorado. Yesterday we climbed up Pikes Peak (With a car. Not with our feet) with some very good friends. And with every turn of the winding road a new scene would unfold. Tall evergreens, still lakes reflecting the mountain’s peak, boulders and rocks stacked in perfect form. With the windows down you could smell the mountain and feel the air change as we climbed to the 14,000 foot summit.

Climbing mountains literally takes your breath away. Like seriously, can not breathe up there. But the shortness of breath was actually extremely helpful to me as it forced me to stop. As if the mountain forced me to stop and attempt to take it all in. As I looked out from the peak I had one thought in my head: Mountains exist.

They exist to remind us how to live: with adventure and in awe.

They exist to show us how to create: with everything we have. To make beautiful things full of heart and to make them good.

They exist to show us what awesome looks like. Quiet literally.

They exist. It’s awesome. I’m glad.

Happy Tuesday!


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