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Your “Remember Why” List

I want you to take a some time to think about these five things.

What is your work?

Why do you do it?

Who is it for?

Who is it not for?

What does success look like?

Answer these questions, put them on a card, laminate that card, and look at it when:

You’re ready to quit.
You want to take a job because of money.
You’re wondering if you should take on a client who isn’t the right fit.
You find yourself comparing your success to others.

This is your Remember Why List. If we don’t keep these things fresh in our minds, we will forget. Answering these things may take some time and soul-searching but knowing the answers is essential to being able to serve people with your art… and also, to your happiness.

Happy Monday!


Question: If you want to share, how would you answer the questions on your Remember Why List?

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