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Share In The Success Of Your Friends By Celebrating With Them

TheSuccessOfThose AroundYou

Honest Hour: Sometimes when I see something awesome someone I know has done, my first thought is, “Damn! I wish I’d thought of that.”

That sucks.

Especially when these people are friends and they have some successful project take off or an awesome idea come to life, we need to lift them up and celebrate!

Because you know Why?

Being nice makes you feel a lot better than being a jerk.

Oh and also, you get to keep your friends. And also, when you do something awesome, guess who’s gonna call you up and let you know about it?

Leaving behind a true mark on the world, a true legacy, is about more than making something awesome. It’s about being awesome and sharing it. If you pour your life into other people, share your success and celebrate theirs, you both win.

A friend of mine is a writer and she told me the story of her new book and how it all came to be. She told me about the community she was involved in and how supportive it was and how it helped her keep going and living her dream.

Her words: “The community is awesome here. We all help each other to succeed. A friend of mine just got put on the New York Times Best-Seller list and I got to be a part of that success. I helped her edit her manuscript. So I get to celebrate that success with her! Because I realized that with all the success I might achieve and all the awesome things I might do, they will never add up to the sum of the success of those around me.”

Even with all the success I might achieve it will never add up to the sum of the success of those around me.

Yep. Don’t be a jerk. Tell people when they’re awesome and we’ll all grow together.

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