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Strong Words.





When I say these words I can feel the power in them. As if they reflect their meaning in the sounds we make when we say them. To have courage means we can do the things that scare us. To be brave is to show courage, and endure the road ahead. Not without fear, but in spite of fear. To be bold is to be a risk taker, and to be daring is to be audaciously bold. These are powerful words that have been inspiring me this week.

I’ll leave you with this thought and a challenge to all of us:

To be courageous and brave in the face of fear. In the beginning of the void. In the midst of the wilderness. Be bold with your steps and daring in the reckless pursuit of a life you envision for yourself. Because this is it, walk like you know where you’re going and fight like hell.

Happy Friday, folks!

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