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Thank You For Failing.

In such a we-all-get-a-trophy world, we expect to win. So when we fail, we feel like that’s it. We’ll never get to be successful because we are by definition failure. We didn’t get a trophy. We must not be good enough.

I want to encourage those who feel like they’re failing today. If you’re failing… good. That means it’s time to start.

If you put a project into the world and it works for a while. *high five* But it’s not gonna work forever. None of them do. There’s nobody riding a horse and buggy. Horse and buggies worked a really long time ago, they don’t work anymore. So when it stops working, good news you get to make another project.”

– Seth Godin, Entreleadership Podcast Interview
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If you’re failing today. Good. Thank you for failing. Now it’s time to get excited about what’s next.

Happy Thursday!


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